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General Journal

I am a Creative

I love to create! Whether it's writing and recording music. Drawing a graphic novel, coloring and writing the story. Going on photoshop and creating promotional materials and album covers. I love to edit film and to create content. I…

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The 5th element

I wanna talk about the forgotten element, the 5th element of hip hop. To some degree it needs to be respected the same as the other 4 element. If your not aware of what element I am talking about…

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It's been a long time

It's been some time I been in different places mentally. I been creating in different areas in art. I have the graphic novel partially done and it's going well. The new album is basically done. A couple of tweaks here…

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Support the Artists while they are alive 

In the wake of our cultures recent lost I bare witnessed to a culture coming together to morn a innovator’s ( Nipsey Hussle ) passing. That was beautiful, it was a great image to see rival factions join together…

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